Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool # 2

Being in an online education community and participating in a personal learning network is becoming more essential and necessary in the technology driven world of today. The quickest and most wide-reaching source is presently the Internet. As a result, this resource dictates that people access it and share their knowledge and thoughts via this outlet. Personally, this blog and following others will help myself and my colleagues stay better informed and aware of the world in which we find ourselves immersed.  

Asking questions is a very important point to remember when commenting on other blogs or websites. This ensures that you are thinking about what was presented and attempting to either expand on it in your own way or truly understand the main idea or message of the author. 

Five blogs that caught my attention were always formative, chemistry world blog, EdTech Times, Educational Technology and Getting Smart. Each one offers insight into chemistry or the use of new ideas and technology in the classroom. I look forward to exploring each one in more depth in the near future. 

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