Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool # 8

There was not much new information in the videos/tutorials. I am already familiar with the capabilities and limitations of this new technology. I did look at a list of applications specifically designed with educators in mind and will definitely be loading a few of these onto my device for my classroom. I did know that an Itunes library could be synced with it but did not realize or exactly understand how to do it before now. One concern of mine with this new technology is problems with it or keeping track of it. It will be essential to establish specific classroom rules when using any Ipads or other devices. Also it will be necessary to create a system that will allow the devices to be quickly accessed and cleaned up each time. Students need to be familiar with the devices and technology. One way to help this occur is to dedicate one to two class periods on letting the students see the capabilities of the device. A fun activity could be assigned to groups of students and by the end of class they must demonstrate the ability to use the ipad or other device in one way and explain their new discovery to their classmates. Some students do not like raising their hands or answering questions aloud. One way to manage the class and keep everyone involved is by incorporating technology into lessons and having students be accountable for keeping up with technology equipment and devices.

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